Recently WHYY reported that half of the traffic collisions in Philadelphia that cause death or serious injury occur on only 12% of city streets. The article notes that these traffic deaths are more prevalent in North Philadelphia, Kensington, and Hunting Park areas of the city. The report also pointed out that people walking, cyclists, seniors and children are the most vulnerable to traffic collisions in Philadelphia that cause injury and death. While The Vision Zero project was used in a hope to reduce these tragic accidents, the data showed an increase in traffic deaths in 2018.

Auto collision

Traffic studies, but independent groups or through PennDOT, are one way to understand and try to solve the issue of traffic deaths. But many traffic collisions can be avoided by being alert and cautious at the wheel.

Many times people say that they have “been in a car accident” the word accident is not always accurate. Car collision claims are almost always filed because the accident was caused by a person behind a wheel…

Not paying attention.

Or drinking. Falling asleep. Texting. Not check blind spots. Failing to yield. Looking in the back seat. Missing the stop sign. Trying to open the cap to a soda bottle. Fiddling with their GPS. Turning the radio. Reaching for something under the seat.

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