When You Suffer Food Poisoning

The foods we eat every day can cause us serious harm or injury, particularly if they are mishandled, improperly stored or poorly prepared. While different bacteria, viruses and parasites cause food-borne illnesses with varying effects – the majority of which last only a short time – the most serious types of food poisoning claims in Pennsylvania can leave victims with severe, ongoing problems such as kidney failure, respiratory failure, neurological diseases and bleeding, and some victims even die.

If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered serious effects from food poisoning, the law firm of Graham & Mauer, P.C. is available to discuss your options.

Why File a Food Poisoning Claim?

Whether you are eating a meal at a restaurant, grabbing a snack at a convenience store or cooking in your own home, you expect your food to be fresh and free of dangerous contaminants. You trust everyone involved in bringing food to you, your family and your community – the producers, the handlers, the transporters and the sellers. When those who handle your food are careless and negligent, and it results in contaminated food, your entire community is placed at risk. Food poisoning is more than a matter of discomfort – it is a breach of trust.

As experienced food poisoning and defective product attorneys, we at Graham & Mauer, P.C. understand how to trace back to the sources of food-borne illnesses. We are prepared to help you seek compensation when you have suffered real medical, financial and emotional damages due to food poisoning.

Your Food Poisoning Lawsuit

In Pennsylvania, the following conditions must be proven in order to achieve success in a food poisoning personal injury claim:

  • Fault – That the food handler, seller, processor or other responsible party did something wrong that led to contamination of the food item
  • Contamination – That the food item was contaminated with a food-borne bacterium, virus or parasite (using microbiological evidence, such as a sample of the food item)
  • Causation – That the illness the victim suffered was, indeed, a result of consuming the contaminated food
  • Damages – That the victim suffered measurable physical, mental and/or financial harm due to the food poisoning

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