What to Wear to Court?

You have a court appearance coming up, and you have a question but aren't sure who to ask... What to Wear to Court? Know the Rules First, you should know that many courtrooms have rules about what NOT to wear. Most courtrooms have a prohibition on shorts. And keep in mind that you must always have … Read more about What to Wear to Court?

Ski and Snowboard Safety

Dear Winter Person: You have been waiting all year for this moment right? Through the humidity of July and heatwaves of August. Through the crunchy leaf season of Autumn. Winter is finally here! Get out your skis and dust off your snowboard. But, don't forget to brush up on your ski and snowboard … Read more about Ski and Snowboard Safety

Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time started this past weekend. Some people love the "extra" daylight. Some people dread the transition and long for a few more minutes in bed. But did you know that the time change may cause additional dangers on your Monday morning commute? One study has shown that motor vehicle … Read more about Daylight Savings Time

Dense Fog in Lancaster

Dense fog in Lancaster, Pennsylvania over the past few days has created some difficult driving conditions. The weather, with the changes in temperature, has lead to a lot of fog on the roads. This occurs especially during mornings and evenings - times of high traffic. It is important to be extra … Read more about Dense Fog in Lancaster

Do I have to go to trial?

Do I have to go to trial? It's a question our personal injury attorneys often hear in the first meeting with a client. Given that we are "trial attorneys," the answer might surprise you. Not All Cases End in a Trial Despite our trial and litigation experience, most cases that come to our office … Read more about Do I have to go to trial?

Car Seat after a Crash?

Should you replace your car seat after a crash? Yes. The answer to this question - Should you replace your car seat after a crash - is almost always, yes. To know for sure, you can check in the instruction manual for your seat. If you no longer have the manual, look online to see if the … Read more about Car Seat after a Crash?