When Distracted Drivers Cause Serious Injuries To Innocent People

Despite a statewide ban on texting while driving in Pennsylvania, millions of drivers choose to send and receive text messages while they are behind the wheel. When these people cause collisions that result in injuries to other motorists, pedestrians or bicyclists, they can and should be held accountable for the harm they cause.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by a person who was texting while driving, you are entitled to seek full and fair compensation for your medical care and any other losses you suffer as a result of the collision. These are complex cases that require the attention of a reliable personal injury attorney. At the law firm of Graham & Mauer, P.C., we have represented countless clients in complex car collision claims.

Distracted Driving Collisions Can Lead To Injuries As Severe As Those In A Drunk Driving Collision

When drivers allow their attention to be taken off the road in order to read or type a text message, they have no time to react if the traffic ahead of them were to stop suddenly. This limited reaction time is often similar to that experienced by drunk drivers. With limited reaction time, collisions tend to happen at much higher speeds, which result in more serious injuries.

We conduct thorough investigations into every case in order to present the most compelling possible case in support of your claim for compensation. We review police reports, photos, witness statements, phone records and any other documentation that could help us strengthen your case. When necessary, we enlist the help of collision reconstructionists who can testify to exactly how your collision occurred.

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