In addition to the stay at home orders, traffic changes with coronavirus shutdowns are changing the way that cities operate. West Chester Pennsylvania is considering closing two main streets in the downtown area. This would allow more space for outdoor eating as restrictions ease.

In New York City, traffic has been so limited that there has not been a single reported pedestrian death in 58 days. That is the longest time on record since the city began recording traffic deaths. However, less traffic on the road in NYC has lead to some motorists speeding. The city is contemplating opening additional roadways to pedestrians and cyclists to keep everyone safer.

So far the trend for closing streets has not caught on Philadelphia, despite some City of Brotherly Love residents being in favor.

Just a reminder: even if the road is empty, don’t speed! You never know when someone is going to pull into the roadway, cross the street, or if a bike is just over the next hill.

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