Wrongful death. It’s a subject no one wants to confront, but at Graham & Mauer, attorneys representing Carlisle clients and the surrounding area, we handle cases with care and compassion. There are a million questions that come to mind when a loved one passes. Funeral arrangements, notifying loved ones, and end of life preparations take a lot of time.

Another question is – What damages might I be entitled to if my loved one was killed? Each case is unique based on the facts. However, many times damages for wrongful death include; an estimated lost income over  a lifetime, compensation for loss of companionship, mental anguish, funeral costs, and pain and suffering. An attorney who has experience handling wrongful death claims can help you figure out the damages.

Wrongful Death
Wrongful Death

Accidents and preventable tragedies occur in Pennsylvania every day. Some of those include motor vehicle crashes, slip and falls, death cases, and other injuries. Accidental deaths is one of the leading causes of death nationally. However, some injuries are actually due to negligence and could have been prevented through proper safety procedures, warnings or precaution. If you have a family member who died in an accident, please call an attorney at Graham & Mauer. We can look at the facts and determine if you are entitled to compensation. This is a difficult topic, especially during a family tragedy, but an lawyer can deal with the paperwork and the insurance while you take time to grieve.

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