In late September, a Missouri family set out for a long-awaited trip to Disney world. The family of four made it safely to the Magic Kingdom, but on the way home–after making one last stop at the beach–the family’s car was side-swiped by another vehicle, sending them careening into a tree. Both parents were killed on impact. The two children remain in critical condition.

Who pays for medical expenses?

Vacations are the time for making memories with the people we love. No one sets out for vacation with the idea that they may not return. The children in this case are now without parents–and medical bills for their care will likely cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Proper insurance is essential to ensure that your family is taken care of in the event of a tragedy. In this case, regardless of the amount of insurance the other driver has, it almost certainly will not be enough to cover medical bills and funeral expenses for this family. But could there be more than one person liable?

Can more than one person be liable?

Authorities noted that the collision happened on a clear day and that there was no evidence that alcohol or drugs were a factor in the crash. While it could simply have been an unfortunate collision, other issues might come into play: Was the car under recall for brake issues? Was there a problem with the grading that forced the car off the road? Could there have been another driver whom the first driver was swerving to avoid?

These are all important questions to ask when there has been a fatal collision. If you have been injured in an collision, knowing how and where to find other responsible parties is crucial. Don’t rely on your insurance company to do the research for you. The most important way to protect you and to ensure all parties are held accountable is to retain an experienced personal injury attorney.