While it is true that serious injuries could occur in motor vehicle collisions of all types, the injuries suffered by those involved in a truck collision are generally more devastating than those involving smaller vehicles. When someone is injured, or dies, in such an incident, it may be possible to recoup damages for the injuries or loss.

The key to succeeding in a personal injury lawsuit, following an collision with an 18-wheeler, is proving negligence. More specifically, it must first be shown that another party had a duty to exercise a reasonable degree of care to avoid injuring the party who was hurt or killed. Second, that the other party did not exercise the reasonable care owed, and last, that the failure to do so, resulted in injury or death.

Just who will be named as defendant in such cases varies depending on the specifics of the tractor-trailer collision. While in some cases only one party will be named, it is possible for an injured individual, or the family of someone who has died, to hold multiple parties responsible. Identifying all possible defendants is important. Among others, they could include the truck driver or a trucking company.

There are multiple reasons why a truck collision might occur. Because so many parties may be found liable in a case of this nature, lawsuits related to truck collisions can be complex. Complicating these cases even more are the numerous federal regulations that pertain to motor carriers in the United States. Because of this, it is advisable that those considering filing a personal injury lawsuit in connection with injuries suffered in an collision with a commercial truck, work with a lawyer who has a thorough understanding of these types of cases.