What is my case worth?

What is my case worth? This is one of the most frequently asked question by clients. The value of YOUR case depends upon several factors:

  • The individual facts of your case.
  • The type of injury you suffered. The insurance available for compensation.
  • The liability of the case. (Look for G&M’s #legaljargon video coming soon on the topic of “liability.”)

Here to demystify how lawyers think about case value is Graham & Mauer founding partner, Ron Graham. Ron has decades of experience valueing, litigating, and resolving personal injury cases.

When will I know my case’s value?

Ron explains that there is some informaiton that attorneys need to gather so that we can more accurately assess a personal injury claim’s value. “We can value your case, but not the first day. Any anyone who tells you they can is kidding you,” says Ron. In our new SideBar short video series, Ron explains how attorneys think about the value of a claim. He also details some of the steps that need to be done before a lawyer can accurately make a value assessment. Of course you don’t want to be guessing about the value of your claim, but an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you think about the steps of each case and how those case stages affect the monetary value of a case.

Watch the video in our #SideBar series HERE.

what is my case worth

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