Attorneys do more than just practice law and argue cases in the courtroom. Many of them are also volunteers in the community. Lawyers’ focused knowledge, ability to interpret complicated  issues, and skills in drafting legal documents make them assets to local organizations. Two attorneys in our firm serve our local Township in a few different ways.

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Emily Gorge is the Chairman of the Open Space Committee. Her role is to assist the committee in efforts to preserve properties from development and transform some of them into recreational spaces for residents to enjoy. A legal background is useful for this position, as it helps with creating contracts and applying complex property and land use laws.

Both Emily Gorge and Ron Graham are members of the Board of Supervisors in the Township. How is this law related? The Board of Supervisors functions as both the executive and legislative branches of the local government. The Board makes decisions and creates laws (with the advice of the committees) that impact areas such as road maintenance, land acquisition, budgeting, and historical preservation.

Our attorneys enjoy being volunteers in the community. We form connections with our neighbors and other local officials. In addition, we can use our specialized knowledge to help shape the future.

To learn more about our attorneys’ community service, visit the Board of Supervisors biography page: HERE

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