A truck crash in Mendocino County, CA went viral over the weekend. An over sized semi-truck slid down an embankment on Thursday, after failing to heed the posted warning signs on the restricted roadway, and the verbal warnings from the construction crew working on the roadway. The driver was not injured.

This video serves as a reminder for drivers of trucks AND cars not to ignore posted signage on the roadways that warn of steep curves or restricted access. It is particularly important to be vigilant when traveling with a trailer attached to your car or truck.

Heavy loads can create an unequal distribution in weight, which can cause your vehicle to perform differently, and make it more susceptible to rollovers. When carrying large loads, be mindful that it may take more effort to stop the vehicle at stop signs or traffic lights, and be sure to navigate tight turns with care. If a route looks questionable at first glance, it is probably too dangerous to navigate with a trailer, and an alternate route should be pursued.


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