A tractor trailer crash is more likely to cause serious injuries than a collision between two smaller cars.

Common causes of a tractor trailer crash on the truck driver’s side include fatigue, speeding, distraction and impaired driving. There are many laws in place to keep everyone safe on the road. Trucking companies are required to adhere to limitations on hours, driver standards, and other measure to keep everyone safe. An overturned tractor trailer is a serious danger to the driver, other vehicles and everyone on the road. Clean-up from a spill can also cause many problems on a roadway. For example, two years ago a semi-truck crashed and released a cargo load of bees.

Car drivers also cause collisions with trucks. Cutting off a heavy tractor trailer, distracted driving, driving in a blind spot or many other factors can create a collision situation.

Another issue is vehicle failure. Faulty brakes, or other mechanical failures cause accidents too. Make sure that your car is properly inspected and in good working order. It is up to the trucking companies to do the same for their fleet.

Remember that trucks are already large and heavy. Often the are also loaded with heavy freight. Do not cut in front of a truck while on the highway. Avoid passing a truck quickly. It is difficult for them to stop rapidly, even if they see you and immediately apply the brakes. Weather contributes to this problem too. A wet roadway is slippery, and fog or snow conditions make it hard to see.

For more tips to avoid a truck collision and keep safe on the road, check HERE.

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Tractor Trailer Crash