Thanksgiving is almost here! For millions of Americans, Thanksgiving is a time for traveling, celebrating, and of course, eating delicious food with friends and family. As you prepare to enjoy all the excitement of the holiday weekend, here are some Thanksgiving travel tips to keep in mind.


Avoid using phones behind the wheel. DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE. Driving while texting or talking distracts you from focusing on the road, and properly reacting to any obstacles or changes in traffic patterns.

Know your route ahead of time. Travel roads with which you are familiar, and have alternate routes mapped, just in case there are accidents or sudden detours.

Check the weather before leaving the house. Adjust your travel itinerary if you know that weather will cause problems.

Pack a supply kit with an extra pair of clothes, food, water, an extra cell phone, maps, flares, a flashlight, and toolkit to store in your car for the road trip.

Handle any car problems before you leave to visit relatives. If your check engine light is on, the oil needs to be changed, a tire is losing air, or a headlight is out, make sure your car is serviced before hitting the road.

Be careful in parking lots, especially on Black Friday. When behind the wheel, do not speed and pay attention to your surroundings. The Black Friday deals are not worth the hassle and the damage to your car.


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Eve) and Thanksgiving Day are often associated with socializing and alcohol consumption. To have a safe and fun time with friends, keep these tips in mind:

Do not drink and drive. If you are leaving a party, and you are too impaired to drive, call a ride sharing service to pick you up, or ask a sober friend for a lift.

Do not allow your friends to drive drunk. If a friend insists on driving you home, and appears to be intoxicated, do not let your friend get behind the wheel. Either drive your friend home (so long as you aren’t intoxicated) or call a ride sharing service.

If traveling with a group of friends, assign a sober driver before you enter the party.


According to the National Fire Prevention Safety Association, Thanksgiving Day is the peak day for home cooking fires. In 2017, U.S. firefighters responded to 1,600 fires on Thanksgiving Day. To avoid becoming the next statistic, keep your kitchen clean and hazard proof.

Do not leave the house with any food cooking. If you have to leave for any reason, turn off the stove and other cooking devices.

Keep the kitchen neat. Make sure that there aren’t any tripping hazards on the floor, such as children’s toys, bags, shoes, etc. Keep your work stations clean and free of clutter. Do not place flammable materials near turkey fryers, stoves, hot plates or microwaves.

Keep your pets and children away from hot surfaces.

Do not wear loose fitting or dangling clothing when cooking.

If you have been injured by careless drivers during your holiday travels or shopping excursions, call us! You will speak directly with an attorney, and we will help you figure out your next steps.

By following these Thanksgiving Travel Tips, you will be on your way to a safe and enjoyable holiday. Happy Thanksgiving!


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