What do you need to know about Social Security and Coronavirus? Graham & Mauer attorneys explain the most recent updates.

I receive Social Security Benefits – Will I get a Stimulus Payment?

Yes. Last week the federal government passed a bill that will send monetary relief to individuals and families in the United States. The $2 Trillion relief fund will send checks directly to Americans. This should help with the difficult economic circumstances caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Following the announcement, there has been some confusion about social security and coronavirus stimulus payments. We hope to clear that up for our clients in with the following information.

What if I did not file a 2019 Tax Return?

You do not need to file a tax return to receive a stimulus benefit if you are on social security disability. The government is using taxpayers’ 2018 and 2019 returns to calculate the check amounts. However, for SSD or SSDI recipients the government will use the Form SSA-1099. You do not need to take any action at this time.

Will I Continue to Receive Benefits through Direct Deposit?

If you are already receiving benefits through direct deposit, you should receive your stimulus payment the same way. In addition, taxpayers who elected direct deposit for their refunds can receive the stimulus check in that fashion also.

Can I Apply for Social Security now?

Despite the fact that social security offices have closed to the public, you can still apply for disability benefits online. You can find the application HERE. There is also an Adult Disability Checklist that lists all of the documents needed. If you have questions about the application, the process, or the website, call a social security attorney at Graham & Mauer for a free consultation.

This is a difficult time for our clients, the people of Pennsylvania, and America. Here at Graham & Mauer, we seek to help by posting current information from reliable news sources, and by assisting our clients. If you need legal representation, call today.


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