Dear Winter Person:
You have been waiting all year for this moment right? Through the humidity of July and heatwaves of August. Through the crunchy leaf season of Autumn. Winter is finally here! Get out your skis and dust off your snowboard. But, don’t forget to brush up on your ski and snowboard safety tips too.

Falls are common during ski and snowboarding, especially for those of us you are new to the slopes. Bumps and bruises are minor injuries that you might expect when trying a new sport, but it is important to protect against serious injury. Wearing a helmet EVERY TIME, is an import step to prevent traumatic brain injury. Make sure it is a helmet designed for winter sports – not a bike or other helmet.

Crashes and Injuries

Crashes can occur with other skiers, but trees are another leading factor in ski crashes.

Wear your helmet, but don’t forget goggles, and sunscreen to protect your eyes and face. Make sure that your boots, bindings and other equipment fit well and are in good working order.

As the day goes on and you have more and more fun, remember that your body is also tiring. Don’t push yourself past your limits. This is especially true at the end of the day when the sun starts to go down. “One more run” may not always be the best choice. And always stick to the marked and groomed trails.

While ski resorts often have skiers sign a waiver, these forms do not cover all types of incidents. So if you have been injured at a winter sport resort and wonder whether you have a claim, call an experienced attorney for an evaluation. Call soon, before the statute of limitations runs out.

Learn more tips for ski and snowboard safety from the Center for Injury Research and Policy: HERE.

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Ski and Snowboard Safety