From a shattered windshield to a crunched bumper, accidents are unexpected. Recently a loose tire crashed in to a police cruiser. Fortunately reports indicates that no one was injured. However, the cruiser windshield shattered with the impact. See video from the dashcam  HERE.

Not all windshield cracks are so dramatic. Often a truck or other vehicle kicks up a stone which then strikes the windshield and shatters it. So what should you do next?

What to do with a cracked windshield?

Sometimes the chip or crack is small enough that it can be repaired by a professional. But you should assess the glass at the time and make sure it is safe to drive. Some cracks will be too large to repair. Then you need to replace the windshield. It is important to had the damage fixed so that the crack does not expand.

Contact your insurance carrier to see if your shattered windshield is covered.

What if I am injured by a hit to my windshield?

Always contact a personal injury attorney if you are injured in a collision. A shattered windshield that is caused by someone else’s negligence may result in an injury claim. Call to find out if you should be compensated.


Shattered Windshield

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