This CNN link contains a video of a father and son attempting to escape a wildfire blazing through the woods of Glacier National Park in Montana.

Father and son were aware that a lightening strike had caused a blaze on Howe Ridge on August 11, 2018. At the time the father and son went hiking on August 12, the blaze was only a few acres wide. Both believed they could get a hike in before the wildfire reached the trail. However, when father and son returned to their vehicle, the fire had spread over hundreds of acres in just several hours. Father and son survived. Two park workers rescued them.

This video serves as a reminder that all of us, during our summer activities, should be prepared, and should not underestimate the power of nature.

When you’re going out on your next adventure, be sure to check local weather reports. Do not ignore any updates from agencies like the National Park Service, or Department of Natural Resources. If there are any weather concerns, such as flash flooding or wildfires, plan to visit the destination on another day.


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