The Fourth of July is almost here…which means that Pennsylvanians will be barbecuing, picnicking, and, most importantly, launching fireworks! To help you plan a fun and safe holiday event, we’ve compiled a checklist of friendly reminders on fireworks safety.


  1. If you plan to launch your own fireworks, check your local ordinances. If your borough or municipality does not allow residents to launch fireworks, don’t ignore the law. Instead, consider attending a public fireworks show with your family.


  1. Don’t experiment with homemade fireworks.


  1. If you are able to launch fireworks, be sure that the launch area is outdoors, clear of debris, and is not near houses or vehicles.


  1. Keep a bucket of water and a charged hose nearby the launch area.


  1. Light one firework at a time. Clear the area as soon as a firework is lit. NEVER relight a dud.


  1. An adult should supervise all fireworks activities. Do NOT allow your children to launch fireworks.


  1. Avoid alcohol while launching fireworks. Save the party for AFTER the fireworks display.


  1. To dispose of used fireworks, wet the used fireworks down, and place the used fireworks in a metal trashcan away from the building or combustible materials.


  1. If fireworks injure you, or your child, be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible.


  1. Don’t forget about your pets! For the safety of animals, it is best that you leave your pets inside, or if traveling, at home, for fireworks displays. If you know that your pet is afraid of fireworks noise, place your pet in an interior room of the house, to avoid exposure to sound.

Stay safe, and enjoy a wonderful July 4th!


Source: The National Council of Fireworks Safety