In 2017, the Pennsylvania State Police issued more than 8,700 traffic citations for driving violations in construction zones. The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission estimated that there were at least 272 crashes in construction zones in 2017. To address the ongoing problem of driver safety on the turnpike, this summer, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission launched the Go Orange PA campaign to protect Pennsylvania Turnpike employees and construction workers. The program provides driver safety tips and illustrates the serious consequences of violating construction zone signs and posted speed limits. Drivers are also encouraged to sign the pledge to drive safely so that you don’t end up having to call a law firm like us!

Consequences: The Pennsylvania State Police warn that troopers actively monitor work zones.

  1. If caught speeding 11 miles an hour over the speed limit in an active work zone, the driver will have his or her license suspended for 15 days. Five points will also be added to the driver’s license.


  1. Any person caught speeding over 10 miles an hour in an active construction zone will pay fines starting at $150.


  1. If a driver causes a pedestrian collision with a Turnpike worker in an active construction zone, there could be possible jail time.


How to Avoid Turnpike Violations:

  1. Put the phone down. Keep your eyes on the road. Distracted driving can cause you to miss important visual and audio queues on the road. If you have to answer a phone call or text, be sure to pull over into a rest area.


  1. Obey posted speed limit signs. Do not ignore any posted orange signs in construction zones. Be mindful of people or objects along the roadway. Be sure to give construction workers plenty of space.


  1. Stop at toll booths. Do not drive while you are hunting for your wallet, credit card, or cash. Come to a full stop at the toll booth and then look for the money. Be sure to leave enough space between you and the car in front of you, particularly if cars are stopping short.

For more information on safe driving and to take the Go Orange Pledge, visit the PA Turnpike’s special website: https://www.idriveorange.com/Home/index. Drive safely!

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