Pennsylvania motorcycle riders are coming to the end of the summer riding season. As fall approaches, let’s take a look at rider safety. There are many considerations for motorcyclists on the roads. Safety should be at the forefront, but fun is part of riding too.

In PA, you must wear a helmet, unless you are over 21 and have either two years of experience or have taken an approved PennDot course. There is also a requirement for proper eye protection. If you have questions about helmet and safety wear, check out FAQ on the topic here. However, we recommend always wearing a helmet to protect your head in the event of a crash. Risks to motorcycles include cars that are not always aware of riders. Also trucks, other riders and road conditions.

Pennsylvania Motorcycle

If you are new to motorcycles, or want to brush up on your skills, consider a Pennsylvania Motorcycle safety course. However, you will need a Class M permit in order to take such a class. Find out how to obtain a permit at your local PennDot.

Simply looking for a fun new route? Check out RideApart’s five best motorcycle rides in Pennsylvania. Find a long route, a day trip, or the best autumn leaves in the state. Wherever you ride, be safe and enjoy the journey!

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash or collision, you should obtain an attorney right away. The insurance company is working for itself and will not protect your interests.

Ron Graham has years of experience representing riders injured in motorcycle crashes.  He understands that different laws regulate motorcycles than cars. He also knows that motorcycle injuries can be severe following a crash. Find out more about Ron’s motorcycle litigation experience in this VIDEO. Or call 1-800-218-0808 or 610-933-3333 to speak directly to Ron, or another lawyer at Graham & Mauer about your injuries. Our attorneys are waiting for your call, and you will always speak directly to an attorney.