Governor Wolf and PennDOT warn consumers to be on the lookout for flood damaged vehicles masquerading as undamaged cars or used vehicles. Automotive officials have estimated that Hurricane Florence damaged at least 40,000 cars. While Pennsylvania was not impacted by the hurricane, it is possible for flood damaged vehicles to enter state markets all across the country.

Why should consumers take this warning seriously? First, insurers will not be interested in or willing to provide comprehensive and collision coverage to flood damaged vehicles. Second, Pennsylvania’s Insurance Commissioner says that a salvage certificate or flood title can impact insurance claims. If a claim is filed, the insurance company will do a thorough background check on the history of the vehicle. Flood history can impact the value of the car, and the amount the insurance carrier will likely pay to the insured.

There are ways for consumers to find out if a flood has damaged a car. Consumers can check the National Crime Bureau’s VINCheck database, to see if there has been a claim for flood damage filed on their vehicle.  www.nicb.org/vincheck.

When shopping for cars, don’t be tricked! Consumers can also use a checklist, generated by PennDOT, to check for flood damage. That checklist can be found here:





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