Nursing homes have been at the forefront of news about the novel coronavirus in the United States. The public first became widely aware of the issue when a care facility in Washington State had an outbreak earlier this year. These facilities have risk factors including close quarters, and elderly residents.

The new rule was announced earlier this week. Nursing homes are required to notify residents and family members immediately regarding covid-19 updates. These include cases of illness or deaths. Officials have warned that individuals 65 and older are at higher risk. Other health conditions also play a role in elevated risk of complications. While facilities have taken many precautions, the virus is still spreading in the US and worldwide.

Facilities are being asked to report cases of respiratory issues to the CDC within 72 hours. CDC will keep CMS apprised of the cases and updates. The new system aims to get information about potential new hot spots or outbreaks into the hands of families, and officials as soon as possible.

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