Motorcycle season is around the corner as the weather improves. Riding is a popular hobby in Pennsylvania, as well as a great way to get around.

If you can’t wait to get out on the road, be sure that you are ready!

Be Prepared:

motorcycle season

First, make sure that your bike and safety equiptment are in proper working order. Time for a new helmet? When was the last time you checked those brakes? Storing your bike over the winter may have lead to some repairs that need to be done before you head out on a ride.

Assess your skills too. Do you need to brush up on road rules? Out of practice with highway riding? A new motorcycle season is a great time to asses your own skill level. You can also take a course if you are feeling a bit rusty. Remember that sometimes motorists and especially trucks have difficulty seeing motorcycles. While car operators should be aware of everyone on the road, it’s better safe than sorry – so look twice when passing or pulling out at an intersection.

Insurance. Do you have it? Is it the right policy for you? Not all insurance policies are the same, and motorcycle coverage differs from car insurance in Pennsylvania. Make sure that you have the coverage that you need. Personal injury attorneys, like the lawyers at Graham & Mauer, can review your policy. Call us and ask your questions – for free! We can help you understand your coverage options for motorcycles.

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Looking for more information on motorcycle safety? Check out PennDOT’s page HERE. And of course, in additional to being mindful of safety, have fun. Riding should be about enjoying the journey, the scenery, and the people you ride with. Keep everyone safe by following the basics of motorcycle safety while out on a ride.