If you are shopping for motorcycle insurance – what coverage do you need? In Pennsylvania all riders are required to have minimum coverage on their bikes.

What does minimum coverage mean? Well, in this state that means $15,000 bodily injury/person up to $30,000/collision as well as $5,000 in property damage coverage. These numbers are per collision. That means that if you are in a crash on Monday you have this coverage, and if you are in another crash on Thursday you have the same coverage available. However, we recommend avoiding crashes at all times.

Is the minimum enough? Just because your policy meets the minimum requirements under the law, does not mean that it’s the best policy for you. You want the protection that covers your needs in the case of the crash. Don’t wait until you are injured to learn if the motorcycle coverage you are paying for now, will actually cover your needs in the future.

Don’t forget your protective gear, including a helmet, when you ride! PA requires that riders wear protection for their heads, unless over the age of 21 with two years experience or a sanctioned safety course. Read more about the requirements HERE.

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If you have questions about a motorcycle collision claim, call to speak with one of our attorneys. When your health and your family’s future is uncertain due to seriously injury, you need serious advice from experienced attorneys.