If you have suffered a collision in the last two years, you should speak to a motorcycle crash injury lawyer. Motorcycles are everywhere in our nation, and also popular in Pennsylvania. People use them to get to work, travel, and as a pleasure hobby on the weekends. Riding is a fun activity for individuals or families. Often people join groups, and ride with friends.

However, because riders are more exposed while on motorcycle, when a crash occurs, the injuries can be more severe. In a truck or auto collision, there is usually more metal and vehicle around the person to protect from certain types of injuries.
motorcycle crash injury lawyer

Did you know the law that applies to a car collision and a motorcycle crash is different? You need a lawyer who understands the details of motorcycle insurance law to effectively fight for your rights.

If you are a new, or experienced rider be sure to know all the laws and safety recommendations in Pennsylvania. You can find our more at PennDot’s website HERE. There are also many groups and organizations that offer motorcycle safety courses. Check with your local area to see what classes are available. Those groups may also have information about popular rides, or excellent routes to try out on your bike.

While it is helpful to contact a lawyer right away following a collision, you may still have a case. Even if your injury was several months – or even a year ago. A personal injury attorney will be able to tell you if the time for bringing a claim has expired. Therefore, if you have any questions about whether you have a claim against another driver or rider who caused your collision – call a lawyer today.

Our lawyers have been assisting people injured in motorcycle collisions for decades. We have experience with all kinds of motor vehicle collision law, but our senior partner has litigated and negotiated many motorcycle collision cases.  Call today and speak to a motorcycle crash injury lawyer. Free consultations Monday through Friday.motorcycle crash injury lawyer