October 30th is the date for the annual night of suburban anarchy, inflicted by teens all over the United States. It’s the night kids love and that parents love to hate. While it’s generally a night of harmless fun, sometimes the fun can go a bit too far. Here are some tips to stay safe on Mischief Night.


  1. If you can, park your cars inside the garage before going to bed. Be sure to take in any lawn ornaments or plants, too.


  1. Remove pumpkins, gourds, and those intricately carved jack-o-lanterns from the porch and the driveway. Keep them inside until Halloween.


  1. If you can, plan to decorate your house after Mischief Night, to avoid any decoration mishaps. If you already have decorations outside, be sure that they are secured to the house or in the ground.


  1. If your child plans to be out on this night, be sure to set strict ground rules and a curfew. Be aware of Township regulations regarding Mischief Night. Check your township website for details.


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