Managing stress during the coronavirus outbreak may not be high on your list. After all,  there is uncertainty about everything right now. From the economy, to your family’s health, to toilet paper. But managing stress can make a big difference for your health and well being. If you find yourself struggling to cope with the current situation, the CDC has some recommendations.

Here at Graham & Mauer, we are striving to maintain good communication with our clients. We are working remotely and moving cases forward, because we know that good legal representation matters to our clients, even during a crisis. We are also taking on new clients at this time.

managing stress

A personal injury attorney is an advocate for you. The insurance carriers work for the insurance carriers. They will not put your interests first. And it can be difficult to be a strong advocate for yourself or your loved one, as you recover from injury.

Here at Graham & Mauer, we understand that uncertainty causes stress and anxiety for our clients. We have represented clients for many years who have had their lives up-ended by injury, accidents and tragedy. When you work with a Graham & Mauer attorney, we work hard to smooth events in your life. We communicate with insurance carriers on your behalf. We obtain medical records from your providers. We request reports and notes from law enforcement following a collision. We follow-up on bills from your healthcare providers for accident-related treatment.

We work for YOU!

You can communicate with your Graham & Mauer attorney through phone or email, even during the shutdown for the coronavirus. We maintain proper remote work conditions, and social distancing to keep our clients and staff safe. Call us today: Chester County Office 610-933-3333 or Harrisburg Office: 800-218-0808. We regularly represent clients in the following counties: Chester, Dauphin, Cumberland, Juniata, Perry, Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks.