Legal jargon is famous for being a bit dense, a bit hard to understand, and honestly sometimes it’s in Latin. Lawyers use it every day as short hand with each other, with the court, with other lawyers. It is not something that we typically use when speaking with clients. However, understanding the phrases and stages of your case is important. As part of our new video series, SIDEBAR the lawyers of Graham & Mauer and trying to demystify some of the everyday legal terminology that you might wonder about.

Whether you are a current client, someone who is simply interested in learning more about lawyer life, or a student at law school, we hope that you find this short series entertaining.

Topics Covered:

In this video we cover the topics of:

  • Discovery
  • Interrogatories
  • Request for Production of Documents
  • Depositions

Clearly, this video is for informational purposes only and not intended as legal advice. If you need legal advice on a specific case, you should consult your own attorney or contact our firm for a consultation.

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what is my case worth Finding a Lawyer Online

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