If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, an experienced personal injury attorney can protect your interests. The insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line. So you need to consult with a professional who will work for you. At Graham & Mauer, P.C., you can find an injury lawyer (Lebanon, Harrisburg, Carlisle and other Pennsylvania areas) who will protect your rights.

The first step in hiring a lawyer, is figuring out what kind of case you have. If you have been injured in an auto accident, truck accident, motorcycle collision, slip and fall or other accident, you have a personal injury action. These types of cases are filed in civil court, and you should contact a personal injury lawyer.

When you meet with a lawyer, you should bring information about your case. If it is a car collision, bring your insurance information, police report or incident number, and information about you injuries such as a discharge summary from a hospital. If you are still in treatment, or unable to travel, some attorneys will come to you. Ron Graham, founder of Graham & Mauer is always pleased to meet a client in their home or hospital if necessary.

An injury lawyer can talk you through the steps of a personal injury case. You should always feel free to ask your lawyer any question that you have about the case, or the process. A lawyer is there to protect and represent YOU.

Many cases involve severe injuries or even death. Experienced personal injury attorneys are able to litigate a claim, check on payment of medical bills, sort out insurance issues, and other issues, while your family deals with recovery or grief during a difficult time. A good attorney should help smooth the recovery following a tragedy.

If you need assistance with an auto accident, truck crash, or multi-vehicle collision, call Graham & Mauer today.

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