Gender reveal parties causing injuries and destruction of property and land has been in the news lately. Originally, the idea of a gender reveal party was to announce the gender of expectant parents’ future child, and have a little fun with the news. Couples often had a cake baked with pink or blue frosting inside. The color would be revealed when the cake was cut. Opening a box of balloons (blue or pink) was another popular option. (Although bad for the environment and local wildlife.) And sometimes balloons fail. One couple even used a hippo to help them reveal their baby boy hopes.

However gender reveals – getting more an more elaborate – have begun to take a dangerous turn. And gender reveal parties causing injuries has been a topic in the news lately, as both news and a warning to other prospective parents.

Recently a woman in Iowa was killed after being hit by debris from a gender reveal party gone tragically wrong. The police have not release many details, but stated that there was an explosion and the woman died at the scene.

This past weekend a second gender reveal explosion resulted in neighbors feeling the blast two miles away – although no injuries were reported for the Waukee reveal. That explosion was caused by a mail order gender reveal kit.

In 2017 a gender reveal explosion ignited the Sawmill Fire which burned almost 47,000 acres and cost eight million dollars. The person responsible plead guilty to criminal charges and agreed to pay restitution.

Happy parents want to share their joy in a big, BIG way. But instead of risking lives, safety, terrifying the surrounding neighbors, or causing multi million dollar wildfires, parents should find a safe way to share their news. A local bakery, a delicious cake, and some frosting should do the trick!

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