Everyone knows that injuries can occur in daily activities – car accidents, falls on ice, trips on broken sidewalks, bites from a strange dog, injuries at work. However when having fun, it is hard to think of the dangers involved. Injuries and amusement rides is not the pair you might think of as going together. But sometimes places built for fun can have dangers too.

Recently a fall festival in New Jersey ended with a family grieving the tragic loss of a ten year old girl after she was ejected from an amusement ride at the festival. The owners of the rides shut the rides following the incident, although they were clear to continue operating. Witnesses were shocked by the event, and an investigation is ongoing. A few years ago, a ten year old boy died on the Verruckt water slide in Kansas, which launched a criminal investigation into the park.

When tragedies such as these occur, after the initial shock, and news coverage, there is usually a long investigation. Often this includes court proceedings in both the civil and criminal arena.

Injuries and occasionally death due to amusement parks can occur due to improper use or sometimes mechanical error. There are some things that parents can do to protect their kids according to Good House Keeping. Make sure children are always correctly strapped in. Check the size restrictions on rides and make sure that kids fit. If a child is too small, or just fits… maybe skip the ride.

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