If you’ve been watching the news in the past few years, you know that there has been an Ikea furniture recall after injuries to children. After several tragic deaths, and more injuries, the Swedish furniture giant is warning the public about risks associated with its dressers.

I have an unsafe dresser – now what?

If you have an Ikea dresser, check the list of recalled products at Ikea. If you have an affected dresser but do not wish to turn it in for the recall, Ikea has solutions. The store also has kits available to secure your furniture to the wall. HOWEVER, dressers must be properly secured in order to be safe. If the dresser is not properly secured, then it is almost as dangerous as an unsecured piece of furniture. Contact Ikea with questions or to return your recalled furniture. The company is offering a variety of credit and refund options depending on the circumstances of the furniture purchase. The Ikea furniture recall after injuries to children appears to be ongoing until further notice from the company.

Why the recall?

The danger posed by the dressers is that they will tip, especially when climbed, and crush a young child. This can cause serious injury, and even death. It is important that if you have young children in your home, that your home is safe. Secure furniture well to avoid tip risks. And monitor children to avoid climbing on unsafe items of furniture. Or contact the company to replace with safe furniture.

What to do if you are injured?

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