Dense fog in Lancaster, Pennsylvania over the past few days has created some difficult driving conditions. The weather, with the changes in temperature, has lead to a lot of fog on the roads. This occurs especially during mornings and evenings – times of high traffic. It is important to be extra vigilant when on the roads.

Here are some tips from the National Weather Service about driving in fog safely. Those tips include:

  • Leave extra time so that you can drive slowly.
  • Give other drivers extra space on the road. Do not tailgate!
  • Make sure others can see you on the road – lights, blinkers, something.
  • Here is one that may surprise you… low beams cut through fog better than high beams. So keep your headlights on, but on low. This will help to avoid glare.

Another reason to be careful while driving in fog is the higher risk of pedestrian collisions. Remember that school is in session. This means there are buses, students waiting, and parents walking along the road.

Dog walkers and joggers are also out on the roadways early in the morning. Keep an eye out for figures in the fog. And if you are jogging in dense fog, consider skipping the earbuds/headphones and wearing reflective clothing or a light for greater visibility.

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And if you live in the middle of the state, be cautious about the weather and that dense fog in Lancaster!