Happy Fourth of July from Graham & Mauer! Here are some tips for celebrating a safe and fun Independence Day for all.

Tips for a Safe and Fun Celebration this Holiday Weekend:

  • Get Home Safe ~ If you drink at a bbq or party, call a taxi or get a ride from a sober friend.
  • Remember your Best Friend ~ Dogs and other pets are often afraid of fireworks. It is not a gooFourth of Julyd idea to take your canine buddy to a fireworks display because some dogs become so afraid that they may bolt and become lost. If you are home with your pet, and they become afraid of nearby fireworks try to keep them safe and calm. Your veterinarian may be able to help.
  • PTSD ~ Recently there has been increased awareness around how loud fireworks may affect those with PTSD, including combat veterans. To read more about this, see this blog by Penn Medicine News. 
  • Bodily Injury ~ Only professionals should be putting on firework displays. One night of fun is not worth the risk of losing an eye or a hand.
  • Wildlife ~ This is the last caution about fireworks on this list. The debris from fireworks can cause hazards to wildlife and nearby waterways. Be mindful of where and how fireworks are set.
  • Drive Defensively ~ Just because you are following point #1 about driving sober, others may not. Holiday weekends, especially during the summer months, are favorite times for celebrating with alcohol. Be aware that other drivers may be under the influence, and keep yourself safe on the roads!
  • Stay Hydrated ~ Keep everyone hydrated, including yourself, kids, and pets. You don’t want anyone suffering heat exhaustion at the family picnic. And remember that alchol consumption can cause you to dehydrate faster. So bring a bottle or water or a sports drink too!

What to do if You are Injured this Summer:

Enjoy your Fourth of July and remember to make safe choices for yourself, your family, your pets and neighbors. However, if you have questions about any injuries suffered this Summer, call an experienced attorney at Graham & Mauer for a free consultation: 610-933-3333 Firstly, we are happy to meet with you in our office or your home. Secondly, we make hospital visits if necessary. Thirdly, all consultations are confidential and at no charge.