Halloween is almost here! While this holiday can be fun (and sweet!), parents and kids should make plans and discuss safety on the spookiest night of the year. This article presents some safety tips to ensure a fun and safe Halloween.

In making safety plans for your little Halloweener, note that most, if not all, Pennsylvania townships and boroughs will typically designate a date and time for trick or treating. Check your township or borough’s websites for more information. If you have a trick or treater, start and complete your route within the time allotted. Motorists who are planning to be on the road during those times should use extra caution in navigating roadways.


  1. If your little “Halloweener” is under the age of 12, be sure to accompany them on their adventures.


  1. If your child is over 12, it is ideal for them to travel with a friend, or a group of children they know well. Be sure that your child has a cell phone with them, in case of an emergency.


  1. If this is your child’s first Halloween without supervision, plan a trick or treat route with them, so you will have a general idea of where your child will be. Establish a return time.


  1. Make it a policy that your child should not open or eat any candy until they have arrived at home.


  1. Have children stick to walking on sidewalks and pathways, so that they are not walking in the road. If there are no sidewalks, children should always walk AGAINST traffic, and remain as close to the curb or side of the road as possible. When required, children should cross in the crosswalk.


  1. Instruct your children to be vigilant of cars in the road.



  1. Your child’s costume should fit properly. Try to avoid costumes that have loose fabric, or contain fabric that could drag on the ground, as this can pose a tripping hazard.


  1. Equip your child with a flashlight or glowstick, so that drivers and people out and about in the street can see them.


  1. Avoid masks. Opt for creative makeup or face paint. Masks can obstruct your child’s vision, and make it harder for them to see in the dark.



  1. Watch the road for children. Children could be in dark costumes. Children can also dart out into the street from the shadows or from in between cars.


  1. Be sure to hook up your GPS, answer texts, adjust the mirrors, etc. BEFORE leaving the driveway. It is important to be distraction free on Halloween, and to have all of your attention focused on the roadway. Any distraction, no matter how minimal, has the potential to cause an accident.


  1. Be sure to check all around you when making turns or backing out of driveways.

Happy Haunting!

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Source: https://www.safekids.org/tip/halloween-safety-tips
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