The world of Auto Insurance can be complicated and confusing. In Pennsylvania, policy holders have the option to choose between limited and full tort insurance coverage. Choosing between these two areas of coverage is the most important decision you will make when preparing your auto insurance policy. The distinction between the two types of policies is what you can recover when you’re in an accident.

What is the Difference?

Full Tort coverage allows you to sue for pain and suffering. For Limited Tort coverage, you forfeit the right to compensation for pain and suffering. In exchange, Limited Tort offers a small discount on the monthly premium.

Why Should I Choose Full Tort?

Limited Tort may seem appealing because of the money you can save. However, the benefit of saving a small amount of money each month won’t outweigh the emotional and physical suffering of a car accident. The amount of money spent to treat injuries for a car accident will far exceed the money you save on the monthly premium.

When you are involved in a car accident, the emotional and physical effects may not be known for days, weeks, months, or sometimes years after the accident has occurred. If you have only Limited Tort coverage, you will be stuck paying hefty bills for medical coverage resulting from an accident you didn’t cause. Depending on the severity of the injury, these bills can be hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Full Tort gives you the ability to sue for the expenses you have incurred in receiving treatment for injuries sustained in a car accident.

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