How do I manage food handling and safety during COVID-19? Do I really need to sanitize my food? Is it safe to bring my groceries in the house? COVID-19 has presented problems we’ve never had to consider when dealing with our daily chores. With all of the uncertainty and confusion, it can be difficult to find sources that have accurate information about COVID-19 and the steps you should be taking to protect yourself from illness. Fortunately, health professionals across the country have taken to social media sites, like YouTube, to convey helpful tips and tricks to manage daily chores like sanitation.

Included in this article is a link to a YouTube video hosted by Jeffrey VanWingen, M.D. Dr. VanWingen explains that daily activities like grocery shopping and purchasing take out food carry risk of exposure to the virus. In this video, Dr. VanWingen shows how to properly sanitize groceries and take out food when you bring it home to store, and eventually, eat.

Taking the extra time to do the level of sanitation shown in this video will help protect your family from exposure to COVID-19. And, since the stay-at-home orders have been extended through April for Pennsylvania, you will have extra time in your day to keep your loved ones safe.

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