When it comes to baby and kids products, safety should be the number one consideration. But, recently CNN Business published a piece detailing how fake car seats and counterfeit products have been popping up for purchase online. You can read, or watch the story HERE. There are many brands that sell federal law compliant, and safety tested products. As a consumer, it is important to know what you are actually buying, so that you get the real thing.

Often the fake car seats are designed to look very similar to the read brand. A customer may think they are buying a top-of-the-line car seat and stroller, but in reality they have purchased a knockoff. Similar color schemes, copying design features and packaging can disguise a fake product. The CNN video shows what could happy when a fake car seat is involved in a motor vehicle collision. The tests are then shown against a crash involving the real car seat that has undergone safety testing. The results are shocking.

The problem is not limited to baby products. However, many of the issues with these fake products include safety issues for children. Zippers that snap off. Electronic equipment that breaks and becomes dangerous. All = Choking hazards.

Amazon claims that the company is investigating the fakes, and taking steps to reduce the number of counterfeit products for sale through its site.  Brands themselves have also been working to have the fake products removed from Amazon and other online retail platforms, including bringing claims for trademark and copyright violation.

Consumers can also educate themselves to avoid fakes. When purchasing a product from an online platform, a customer can check to see if the seller is an official seller for that brand – and contact the manufacturer to check if unsure. Packaging can also give clues to whether a product is authentic – are the words spelled correctly, is the language appropriate for the seller’s and buyer’s country? Buyers can also purchase equipment directly from a manufacturer to make sure that it is the real thing. If a price looks too good, it probably is.

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