Do I have to go to trial? It’s a question we here at Graham & Mauer often hear in the first meeting with a client. Given that we are “trial attorneys,” the answer might surprise you.

Not All Cases End in a Trial

Despite our trial and litigation experience, most cases that come to our office settle. We spend a lot of time putting together settlement packages and negotiating with insurance carriers. Often we can settle a claim before a law suit is even filed. Sometimes we settle a claim after suit is filed, but before trial. In this short video, Ron explains this process… click HERE.

Do i have to go to trial

Litigation Process

In Pennslyvania there is a two year statute of limitations for most personal injury cases. This means that the case must be settled or paperwork filed with the court (in the proper jurisdiction) before that two year time limit, otherwise the claim will be extinguished. Typically clients, or potential clients, call an attorney right away after being injured. This is good because it gives that attorney time to gather information. It also allows an attorney time to settle a claim without having to file a lawsuit – in some situtations. This can save clients time and money later.

If settlement discussion fails before filing, the claim can be filed and go through the litigation process. Pleading. Discovery. Trial. Possible post-trial motions or appeal.

Check out our other videos on Graham & Mauer’s Youtube channel for more information.

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