The recently declared global pandemic, a novel corona virus that causes a respiratory illness is changing legal education. Covid19 sending law schools online is just one of the precautions being taken in the US to fight the spread of the virus.

Recently Law.com interviewed a Syracuse University College of Law professor for some information about online law school classes. She had many tips for both professors and students to help run a smooth virtual classroom.

Many professors opt to teach in a suit and tie or dress, just as they would in a live classroom. And for those of you who loved law school – the Socratic method is still going strong online. (Although not actually like the Paper Chase). Fast internet connections and improved networking technology make it possible for professors to call out and quiz their students on the internet in real time.

As the corona virus spreads, we may all be working or going to school from home. This could be for a few days, weeks, or longer. Many schools have moved online for the semester. Whether working or attending school from home, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Mute button – specifically yours. Can your classmates hear you crunching cereal? Mute!
  • Appropriate attire. If there is a video component to your class or meeting, skip the pajamas and put on a work shirt.
  • Good lighting and sound will help your skype meeting present you in a professional fashion.

Remember to follow the recommendations of the CDC and local governments as they combat the pandemic. As we see Covid19 sending law schools online, it points to a future of more online and accessible classes.


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