The warmer spring weather throughout the state of Pennsylvania brings with it many changes. For those who enjoy riding motorcycles, it may mean heading out for their first ride of the season. While the activity is enjoyable for many, it can also be dangerous. The lack of protection a motorcycle offers passengers, from other larger vehicles, could result in serious injuries, or even death, to those riders. Taking proper safety precautions can lower the risk of serious injuries occurring in an collision.

Following the rules of the road is of course one of the most important precautions a motorcyclist can take to stay safe. Because collisions often occur as a result of the actions of other drivers on the road, wearing the proper safety equipment is also important. A helmet is arguably the most important piece to have.

While riders in Pennsylvania are likely well aware that riders over the age of 20 do not have to wear helmets, they may not be aware that in 2015, approximately half of those who died in a crash involving a motorcycle did not have a helmet on at the time. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that motorcycle helmets are 67 percent effective when it comes to preventing brain injuries. In addition, they are around 37 percent effective in preventing deaths.

Regardless of whether a rider is wearing a helmet at the time of a crash, the outcome of a motorcycle collision can be devastating and leave those dealing with such a situation unsure of what steps to take. Working with a lawyer that handles such cases is generally the best course of action.