Many drivers feel justifiably wary about driving next to commercial trucks. These vehicles’ large size and weight can make them more difficult to steer and increase the damage that can result from an collision, especially to motorists traveling in passenger cars. Additionally, the various types of trucks may present specific risks for smaller vehicles sharing the road with them.

Liquid and gas transports

Tanker trucks transport liquids and gases. While some of these substances present no risk, many others are toxic or flammable. In the case of an collision, the contents of a tanker may spill or explode. The shape of the tanker also increases the chances of it rolling over if the driver loses control.

Big rigs

Semi-trailers hauling cargo are among the largest trucks you will see on the road. They suffer from significant blind spots along the sides, behind and in front of the truck. If you cannot see the truck’s mirrors, its driver probably cannot see you. Use a high degree of caution when passing or traveling next to a big rig.

Dump trucks

Dump trucks carrying construction materials such as sand or gravel and garbage trucks have similar builds and issues. Like other trucks, their large size makes them clumsier and creates expansive blind spots. In the event of a collision, the loose materials may spill from the back. In residential areas, these trucks may move slowly as they stop and go.


Flatbed trucks have an open trailer used to transport cargo by securing it to the bed. If a flatbed truck crashes, the cargo may come loose and hit other vehicles or create obstacles in the road. Inadequate fastenings can also cause the cargo to fall from the truck as it travels.

Staying safe

While you cannot avoid sharing the road with these vehicles, you can take some precautions to increase your safety. Keep a larger follow distance from trucks in front of you to avoid rear-ending them if they come to a sudden stop. If you need to pass, do so cautiously and avoid blind spots.

If you become injured in a truck collision, speak with a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Truck collisions frequently cause serious damage, so you should explore your legal options right away.