When you hear the words distracted drivers, the first thing that may come to mind is regular motorists. You see and hear about distracted passenger vehicle drivers in Pennsylvania every day. But if you happen to travel the stretch of the I-81 highway near Carlisle, you are probably no stranger to the frequent reports of truck collisions.

Commercial vehicle collisions are not always the result of mechanical failures and reckless motorists. Many of them occur because truckers encounter distractions. Distractions are issues that all motorists struggle with, especially commercial vehicle operators. It is important for you to understand how much even a small distraction can lead to collisions and death. Below are some common distractions that affect truckers.

Fatigue – Many truckers work long shifts. They spend so much time on the roads delivering and picking up shipments that they often have little to no time to take breaks. Driving for long hours at a time can lead to boredom and inattentiveness, which often causes drivers to use distractions to retain some focus on the roads.

Grooming – Commercial vehicle operators spend so much time driving that they have little time to care for themselves. It is not uncommon to see truckers grooming themselves while on the roads. Personal grooming requires them to take their eyes off the roads, readjust their mirrors, and have one or both hands off their steering wheels.

Texting and using cellphones – Boredom is a common concern and cause of distraction for truckers. Many of them use their cellphones to keep them awake, stay in contact with their friends and family, and get directions using the GPS capabilities.

Distractions on the road often lead to fatal motor vehicle collisions. Some victims end up with serious injuries that alter their lives and those of their families. The only way to prevent collisions with distracted truckers is for all motorists to avoid distractions.

Distractions are just one type of several hazards that impact motorist safety. Besides watching for the above signs of inattentiveness, you should steer clear of blind spots and travel at a safe distance behind commercial vehicles. You should also report distracted drivers to the authorities.