Known for her work as a model, commentator on Lip Sync Battle, cookbook, and spicy twitter presence, Chrissy Teigen is heading to court. Court TV that is, as judge on a new comedy show called “Chrissy’s Court” of course!

In a similar vein to Judge Judy’s show (except as far as we know, Ms. Teigen does not have a law degree) the show will present small claims for a televised audience. Chrissy Teigen will act as the “judge” and her mother, Vilailuck Teigen will act as the “bailiff.” Reports say that the decisions will be binding… because who would second guess Chrissy Teigen?


Courtroom TV has a long and popular history from Judge Judy’s sassy bench persona, to Divorce Court, to Court TV. The appeal (pun intended) appears to thrive on big drama, small claims, and interpersonal conflict. While each show brings it owns style to the table, it remains to be seen how “judge” Chrissy’s court will be conducted. Will she have a gavel? Will there be the classic court-tv-post-decision party interviews? Perhaps a cover of I Fought the Law by John Legend as the theme song?

Reports suggest that the show will air on Quibi in 2020, so we may have to wait a year for answers (I object!) to these questions. The format will be very short episodes – perhaps only ten minutes each. And the show will likely be low on legal precedent but high on entertainment. Although the show claims that defendants and plaintiffs will be real… it could just turn out to be real fun.

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