Whether you experience a major crash or small fender-bender, follow these insurance tips from a Chester County injury lawyer.

Last year, according to the PennDOT database, there were 43,501 crashes reported by the police. If you have ever been involved in a collision, you know that it is a big hassle, even if no one is seriously injured. Having the right insurance for your family will help negate some of the headache.

  • Remember that the least expensive policy is not always cost effective. Sometimes slightly more coverage will save you in the long run.
  • Full tort coverage is important. We will say is again, choose the FULL TORT option. Having a limited tort auto policy means that you can only sue for economic damages. But full tort entitles you to be compensated for pain and suffering. Remember that your tort option covers your children, even when riding with others.
  • Buy underinsured coverage. What if the person who hits you has low coverage? What if your bills exceed that coverage? Underinsured coverage will help you be fully compensated.
  • Also buy uninsured coverage. If you have to file an uninsured driver collision claim, this will cover your losses.
  • Do you own more than one vehicle? Ask your insurance agent about “stacking” your coverage.
  • Make sure that you have enough medical coverage on your policy – called PIP. Everyone in Pennsylvania has $5,000 as a minimum, but more is better. Remember that a few days in the hospital will cost a lot more.

Remember that all registered vehicles must be insured in Pennsylvania. Check with your insurance agent for good deals. However, if affordable try to get the best coverage for your family.

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