Driving at night presents its own challenges. As Chester County injury attorneys, the lawyers at Graham & Mauer have represented clients injured in crashes caused by several factors. DUI, distracted driving, and carelessness are large factors in many crashes. However, adverse conditions such as heavy weather or night driving also create difficulty.

One cause of crashes at night is fatigue. Being tired makes us less vigilant, less aware of our surroundings, and less able to react quickly. Falling asleep at the wheel is an immediate danger. But simply being tired behind the wheel creates danger also. If you are on a long road trip, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of fatigue. Stop regularly, change drivers, get proper rest, don’t push past your limits. It is better to stop and spend the night somewhere than risk sleeping behind the wheel at 60mph.

Night blindness is also a cause of problems for driving at night. Genetic conditions, cataracts, or even vitamin deficiency can cause this condition.  There are cures or treatment for many types of night blindness, including correcting the underlying medical issue that is the cause. If driving at night is a problem – seeking medical advice may help.

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