Aphasia and traumatic injuries

Aphasia has been in the news this week due to a health announcement about a famous movie star. However, the condition affects approximately 2,000,000 people in the United States. It is a term that many may be hearing for the first time. What is it? Who can get it? What causes it? So, here is some … Read more about Aphasia and traumatic injuries

Head Injury and Concussion

Some injuries present right away after a car crash, but some like head injury and concussion may become apparent later. Also, other injuries such as a herniated disc or internal trauma may also cause pain after the fact. You can suffer a head injury in several ways. Some of them include; falls, … Read more about Head Injury and Concussion

Recall Notice by Peloton

Today Peloton issued a recall and warning for the Tread and Tread + models of its workout machines. This comes after reports of multiple injuries, and the death of one child. While the company initial resisted calls for a formal recall and made suggestions about how to make the Tread safer to use, … Read more about Recall Notice by Peloton