Car Accident

Car Accident what should you do? First, make sure that you are in a safe area and call the police. If you are injured, request an ambulance. When you are able to safely take photographs of the scene, it could be helpful for an insurance claim later. If you cannot safely take photos, do not do so! Witnesses may come to your aid, and getting their name and contact information is a good idea. The police will take down witness information, but not everyone will hang around until the police arrive.

After the collision

After the collision, you should report the incident to your own insurance carrier and open a claim. If you have been injured, get a medical claim number from your own carrier and use it for your accident-related treatment. This includes at an emergency room. When you do not have a medical claim number before you are admitted to a hospital or visit an ER, tell them that it is a car accident. The billing office can then follow-up with your insurance company.

Do not sign any documents without a Lawyer

Do not give a recorded statement to the other insurance carrier, and DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. Remember that insurance adjusters work for insurance companies. They do not work for you! An attorney will work for you, protect your rights, and watch out for your interests.

You should also contact an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as practicable. An attorney can help you set up the claim with your insurance, notify the other insurance carrier and help you bill your treatment properly. An attorney will also work to preserve evidence from the collision so that you will have the strongest case possible later. car accident what should you do


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