What if someone suffered a car accident in Pennsylvania last year? They never settled their claim with the insurance company. They never went to court. Having you been wondering following a car accident do I have a case?

Car Accident Do I have a Case?

In Pennsylvania, the statute of limitations for a personal injury claim is two years. There are some exceptions for certain types of claims including specific circumstances for medical malpractice. However, as a general rule if you suffered an injury due to someone else’s negligence within the last two years, you can bring a claim.

What Should I do if I was in an Accident a while ago?

Call a personal injury lawyer. While you can bring a claim until the statute of limitations has run, there is really no benefit to waiting. Calling an attorney early can make a difference for the value of your case. Over time evidence is lost, witnesses move, people forget, paperwork is put in storage. If you retain a personal injury lawyer right away, they will make sure that all the evidence available is collected and safely stored for settlement negotiations or trial. So calling early is better.

What if I only had a few Months or Weeks of Medical Treatment?

Call a personal injury lawyer to have your case assessed. Some serious and pain-producing injuries require very little treatment, or follow-up. That does not reduce the amount of pain that an injury victims suffers. These injuries still entitle you to compensation.

What is my Auto Insurance Policy is Limited Tort?

Call a personal injury lawyer. At Graham & Mauer, we often represent clients who have limited tort policies. There are many exceptions to the limited tort provision. If you contact our office, we can determine whether your case has an exception that would allow you to be compensated for pain and suffering despite your limited tort status.
Auto Accident Attorney

Who Should I Call?

The attorneys at Graham & Mauer are experienced with representing clients in auto accidents, motorcycle collision, and truck crashes. We handle both full and limited tort cases. Our founding Partner, Ron Graham has years of experience assisting injured people as they get their lives back together following serious collisions.

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