On February 7, 2020, attorney Emily J. Gorge returned to her alma mater, Susquehanna University, as a panelist for the college’s annual Breakthrough program. Breakthrough…to Life After College is a series of seminars offered to college students each February. The program brings alumni from diverse career backgrounds back to the college campus to offer their advice on internships, job hunting, and adjusting to life after graduation. College students are able to network with and ask questions of alums about their careers.

Emily served as a panelist for two events: “How to Find an Internship,” and “You’ve Got the Job…Now What?” Emily explained to students how her college experiences helped her choose internships, as well as her career path. She also spent time addressing the challenges of post-college life, and how she made the adjustment to moving home, starting a career in law, and finding her voice in the community.

Emily reported, “While graduation is an exciting moment, it’s also a scary time. You’re leaving comfort and familiarity for the unknown. You have to make big, life changing decisions in a short timeframe, and that is difficult. I’m glad Susquehanna has designed this program to help students ease into the transition of post college life. Students have individual questions that they need answered. With such a diverse group of alumni available, students are in a great forum to have those questions, and their individual needs, addressed. This program was in its infancy when I was at Susquehanna, and it’s great to see how much it’s blossomed in recent years.”

Members of the firm asked Emily what she wanted students to remember from the panel discussions. “Students have to be comfortable with and confident in their decision making. When you are making big decisions, it’s hard to shut out the influential voices around you. People on social media, friends, and even family, will constantly be giving you advice about what you should do. However, the only one that is living your life is you. I told the students that they need to make decisions based on their strengths, their desires, their goals. They won’t be happy living someone else’s life or someone else’s dreams. What matters is their happiness.”

Emily graduated from Susquehanna University in 2014. She graduated Widener University Delaware Law School in 2017. Emily joined Graham and Mauer, PC in 2018. She focuses her practice on auto accidents.

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Emily (far left) shares thoughts on transitioning from college to working life at Breakthrough.